The following topics will be covered as part of this series. Each topic is described in detail with hands-on exercises done on SAS Studio to help students learn with ease. We will cover all the nitty-gritty that you need to know to get started with SAS along with the correction and handling of errors as and when they pop-up. The program builds a solid foundation by covering the most popular and widely used data science technologies and its applications.The topics that are covered in this tutorial are as follows:Introduction to AnalyticsUnderstanding Probability and Probability DistributionsIntroduction to Sampling Theory and EstimationIntroduction to Segmentation Techniques: Factor Analysis in SASIntroduction to Segmentation Techniques: Cluster Analysis in SASCorrelation and Linear Regression in SASIntroduction to categorical data analysis and Logistic Regression in SASIntroduction to Time Series Analysis in SASStatistical Significance T Test Chi Square Tests and Analysis of Variance in SAS