Startups are increasing; organizations are growing, and the demand for technology professionals is at its peak. Behind every great app or an amazing software lies the art of designing a fast, reliable and a user-friendly database. Now, you just cant be a web developer of a specific niche. You must possess a different skill set with a multitude of knowledge and experience including web development, coding, database designing and others. To fulfill this necessity, here we bring a course covering the art of database designing for web developers. MySQL and MongoDB have become one of the most widely used database systems in the world for relational and non-relational behaviors respectively. We bring them together in one single course. Who is this course for? It is a right tutorial for all the web developers who are keen to learn about Database Designing to increase their skills arsenal. This course is the right choice for all the individuals interested in mastering the concept of MySQL and MongoDB. Database design course is also suitable for the designers who are interested in polishing their skills and creating practical projects. Why you should go for this course? This course provides the insights of the worlds most preferred database systems i.e. MySQL and MongoDB. It covers the basics of a database, the installation of these systems, topics uncovering MySQL and MongoDB and their differences. Creating a new database, retrieving a data from the database, updating or deleting your data; all can be learned from this course. Additionally, it also includes 2 practical projects each for E-commerce and learning management system covering MySQL and MongoDB respectively. These skills will help you in a better understanding of the databases and also for designing a clean, effective and consistent database. Ultimately, it is the perfect guide for learning both SQL and No SQL database design system from its core making it one of the most sought after course for all the database developers.Topics covered by this course- About Database and Database system- Installation of MySQL on Windows and Ubuntu system- Basics of MySQL Creating a database or a table, retrieving data from the database, updating or deleting a data- Database design- A project on E-commerce- Basics of MongoDB and NoSQL- Relational and Non Relational Database- Installation of MongoDB on Windows and Ubuntu system- Creating, retrieving, sorting, updating and deleting the data from MongoDB.- MongoDB relationships-A project on Learning Systemand many more!The course contains everything you will need to be a complete database designer. Start now and by the end of the course you should be building your own web solutions with thoughtfully designed database system.