Go from single to attracting true love love in this 7 module course designed to guide you on your dating experience so you can stop wasting time with the wrong people, heal from past heartbreak, actually enjoy the process of dating as you attract in ‘The One’ to find true love.In Module 1 and 2 will set the stage physically, mentally, and emotionally to attract in true love as you clear clutter out of your life, practice confidence and restore your energy to bring out your best self while dating.In Module 3 and 4 you will let go of limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging you from finding true love and heal any past heartbreak that is still holding you back.In Module 5, 6, and 7 you will rejuvenate, learn about body language and the art of flirting, set deal breakers and non-negotiables for your ideal partner, and set the stage for a fulfilling and lasting relationship.By the end of this course you will have tools, insights, and exercises to help you feel clear, confident, and excited about yourself, your dating life and attracting in true love.