Are you ready to take your DAX skills to the next level? My new DAX Power Pivot 10 Easy Steps for Advanced Users follows on from the my previous “10 Easy Steps” series to enable you to increase the complexity of your data models and progress to creating and understanding more complex calculations.I have created this course specifically for those students who have taken my Beginners and Intermediates courses where you have learned the fundamentals necessary to transition into more advanced concepts enabling you to build bigger data models and create more complex calculations.By helping you to understand evaluation context will help you “think” like DAX. When you have this understanding youll be in a better position to troubleshoot when things dont go according to plan.Course ContentsWarm UpVariablesRow & Filter ContextStatic SegmentationMultiple Data TablesRANKX() & TOPN()Different GranularitiesBudget vs ActualsBudget Patterns (Single Year)Budget Patterns (Multiple Years)Budgets (Monthly)I provide examples that we work through together. Then its over to you with practice exercises to help you embed and consolidate your skills. You receive all the group work and exercise files and a fully supporting, diagram rich user guide pdf. I always provide video solutions so, youre never on your own.Still not sure? Here’s what others have had to say about my “10 Easy Steps” series of courses:DAX Power Pivot – 10 Easy Step for Advanced Users”Once again, a masterpiece from Gilly to guide through the journey of advanced DAX. Step by Step diving deeper into DAX logic without loosing the line thanks to the outstanding effort of a well structured course which come along with a clear guideline, recaps and exercises to be able to adapt to own projects soon. Thanks so much Gilly!”Doris.DAX Power Pivot – 10 Easy Step for Advanced Users”Another excellent course by Gilly. Covers a range of topics clearly and thoughtfully with challenging and interesting practice exercises.”Gary F.DAX Power Pivot 10 Easy Steps for BeginnersI thought that I was intermediate on this topic, so didn’t bother buying the beginner course. However, getting stuck part way through the intermediate course, I decided to complete the beginner course. Boy am I glad I did – it has really consolidated things for me, and was well worth the money. If you haven’t taken any of Gilly’s courses before I can highly recommend them – she is super enthusiastic, keen, knowledgeable, and very responsive. If you only take one DAX course as a beginner, make it this one.Ian W.DAX Power Pivot Time Intelligence 10 Easy StepsGreat Course from Gilly. Her courses are a masterpiece and this subject was a tough one but she does a good job in explaining it Step By Step. Going by her own words you need practice to master it but at least I am happy the foundation is being laid with strong understanding to move forward. Thanks so much GillyGuna R.DAX Power Pivot 10 Easy Steps for IntermediatesIt is obvious that Gilly has spent a lot of time with her study guide and organization of this class. This is one of the best illustrated courses I’ve found on Udemy. Explanations of the DAX formulas are very clear and flow logically throughout the course. The concepts discussed are easily at the Intermediate level as advertised. Truly an exceptional effort by Gilly Dow.Jimmy F.Power Pivot is the perfect tool for those working in finance, statistics, project, business and market analysis or any data reporting role who have a need to create and produce Business Intelligence style Dashboard and Insight reports.I have used Excel 2016 to demonstrate this fantastic tool but you can follow along in Excel 2010 & 2013 – I’ll do my best to point out the differences. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to message me here or check out the FREE preview lectures to learn more.Thanks for taking the time to check out my course. I can’t wait to help you take the next step in developing your DAX skills.Take the first steps to a new and rewarding future by clicking on the TAKE THIS COURSE button, located on the top right corner of the page.