A course by one of the top rated instructors!If you need more time for the important parts of your job (time management skills) and if you need to display your interest in launching your career, this course is ideal for you.Equally important, if you are new to the job and unsure of what to delegate and what not to delegate, but are determined not to fail, then this delegation course will help you to achieve success. This course clearly distinguishes between delegation of authority (task delegation) and assigning work. It clearly illustrates that one can delegate responsibility but not accountability. All the benefits to both you, as a manager, and to your subordinates are defined. How you can give your team the freedom to act and yet ensure that you are still in control, is an important part of the course. As essential component of this online business course on delegation, unlike many others, it that it focuses on the reasons why some managers either over or under-delegate and the effects this has on you, your team and your company. A strategy with communication skills for how to handle task delegation is part of the course. This course therefore comprises both knowledge and delegation skills.This online business course on Delegation of Authority is part of the Advanced Management Skills, which includes Leadership and Time Management. I recommend doing the Time Management Skills course first, as it will help you to achieve effective time management skills and delegation skills when used with this course. You will learn how to delegate authority responsibly, with action steps as a guide and a project to practice your new skills.