Deliver Powerful, Painless Feedback to Motivate vs Frustrate



Do you avoid feedback like day-old sushi?Do you feel sick giving or getting feedback?Learn how togive feedbackandleaveothers hungry for more.Why? Because this painless, simple and easy to follow, 4-step feedbackprocess empowers youand the people around youto change behaviorand toget results quickly whilefeeling good about it vs. frustrated by it.The reasons people don’t like to giveorget feedbackis embedded in the worditself. See if you can find it. We’ll explain that powerful secret to transform feedback into positive change.In this course you’ll learn how to diffuse negativeemotionaltriggers andlink feedback to motivators thatlift performance.You’ll learnto recognize an individual’s strengths and give them feedback that supports their success.You’ll identify problems and opportunities for development and practice skills that impact behavior and delivers results.You’ll learn to applythe just-in-timePainlessand Easy Feedbackprocess, as simpleas theABCs.You’ll also learn the 6 Ps of a formal feedback process for performance enhancement and talentdevelopment even inchallenging situations.You’ll master a mission critical leadershipskillthat makes giving just-in-timefeedback meaningful and motivational.This little process is the “swiss army knife” of giving feedback.It’s not that people hate to change, its that they don’t know how. Now, everyonecan do it.Feedbackservesothersbytransformingproblemsintosolutions &drivesmeasurableresults.These simpleto use and easy to rememberfeedback steps will deepen your relationships with others, build trust and increase your influence. You will becomean influencer and leader in your organization, company, community, on the playing field and yes, even at home. So let’s put feedback where it belongs …into practice and see the resultsfor yourself.Click nowto join me on your feedback transformation journeywith 4 easysteps to Painless, EffectiveFeedback.