Dockerhas quickly become one of the more popular tools for DevOps teams these daysfor streamlining and simplifying the deployment of applications across avariety of environments, platforms, and services. Docker in essenceencapsulates an application and its environment into a Docker image that canthen be deployed just about anywhere that supports Docker containers. Build once deploy anywhere is the mantra.Docker reduces or even eliminates the need for development and operation teamsfrom managing dependencies and environment settings across heterogeneoussystems.In this course you will learn how Docker can be used to deploy WebLogic for both development and production environments. This course will cover the following topics:Course TopicsA basic understanding of Docker and its advantages when it comes to WebLogic.Creating Dockerimages for each component of the WebLogic runtime stack, including the OS, Oracle JRE 8, Oracle WebLogic 12c.Creating a Docker image for a WebLogic domainDeploying WebLogic, including the tech stack and a domain, by launching containersCreating and starting clusteredmanaged servers using DockerDeploying web applications to a WebLogic domainPatterns for externalizing domain configurationPatterns for passing secrets to a WebLogic docker imagePatterns for managing logs and troubleshootingBuilding a CIpipeline for WebLogic using Docker, Jenkins, and ArtifactoryCourse Structure and ContentThis course includes numerous video lectures and hands-on lab exercises. Adownloadable lab guide accompanies this course and will get you up and running with Docker and WebLogic.