A marketing campaign without a dedicated quality landing pages that will lead to high conversion rate is like running a campaign with no Call To Action ( CTA ) button.Landing pages are those pages on your website usually on homepage that customers visit or lands and takes the action of clicking Call -To- Action button. Its that simple.Landing pages are used for marketing and sales purposes. Course highlights The course will take you from general overview of landing pages and then straight to different examples of landing pages.Difference between landing pages and that of website homepageWill be using WordPress Plugin and will be showing you what this plugin can doCreate and design any landing pages of your choice , SAVE it in your library and re-use the templates at any time.Create landing pages step by step with this magic plugin called Elementor ProWho are the target audiences? All beginners and intermediate marketer levelsAll businesses of all kind and sizes Why Landing Pages ?In nut shell, landing pages are usedHelps you to capture visitors emails and in near future convert them to paying customers during campaignCaptures visitors eyes on your site as your visitors only perform or click CTA that lead to captureHigh conversion rateYour email list will growOne Time Enrolment for the life timeOnce enrolled you will be getting automatic updates and many more.Enroll NowJust get enrolled now as you will benefit from this greatest landing Page design training.