Design thinking for entrepreneurs & startups (part 1)



This course will introduce you to the basic concepts and tools behind design thinking and takes you through the first two steps in the design process. These steps are fundamental to reducing the risk involved in your new venture. I have broken down the basic concepts of design into small and fun videos that will lead you through the different steps of your design process.Based on recent reviews please notice:this is a short course (34 min) anddoesn’t pretend to be a complete guide todesignthinking!It aims instead to inspire you to become an explorer, to overcome the fearof jumping into the unknown,and finallyto start that project that scares you -but that matters.This course is for those who believe that entrepreneurship is a ‘human trait of love’ and a vehicle to build a better world (for many).My hope is that this course and those yet to come will inspire you to discover the changemaker within you and provide you with the tools needed to make change happen.I hope you’ll give it a go.Stay tuned.