Designing Gamification (Expert Level 2) is the only online course accredited by the Engagement Alliance to deliver Engagement Expert Certification. Once finished, you can complete a practicum and request your certification. Then you can display the official graphic on your online profile, resume or website. You must complete Level 1 (Basic) Gamification before completing this course to earn your certification. In this course, you’ll learn the design fundamentals of gamification and engagement – including game mechanics, dynamics, player types and key systems thinking. Whether you’re in Marketing, HR, Operations, Product Development or Strategy, you can use the principles of Gamification and Engagement Science to transform your relationships with customers and employees. The course is taught by Gabe Zichermann – the world’s foremost expert on gamification and engagement science, author of three books, chair of GSummit and Editor in Chief of GamificationCo. Complete this course and you’ll understand: The 3 Fs and how they form a design foundation Player Types: or how to think about your user in new and engaging ways Mastery, why it matters and how to design for it Rewards, the SAPS model, and how to scale reward systems for the long haul How to build Virality and Engagement Loops Over 20 different game mechanics and dynamics How best to apply this to your organization, in depth And as a bonus, you’ll hear specially curated experts deliver relevant, supporting lectures from the blockbuster Gamification Co archive.