A wire-framing course that will teach you all you need to get started ASAP. At the end of this course, You would Have a sound knowledge inkey concepts of UI/UX.Be ableto pick the best Domain Name(Website Name) for your businessBe aware of the delicate relationship between web design & web development and be able to speak the language of developers.Have understood the importance ofwireframes and how to create them keeping the needs of the user in mind.Have done a deep dive into a real life case study and understoodmore about user personas and how they can becrafted thereby creating theideal user persona for your product.Analysedthe portfolio website,wire-framed in this courseandwould haveunderstoodkey aspects of web design and web development.You will be ableto use balsamiq mockups in a professional capacity by wire-framing your own portfolio website, learning various tools and techniques along the way.You will be able tocreate professional looking wireframes that are interactive and learn to share it with investors, venture capitalists, friends or family and developers.The course will be constantly updated with new content, thereby making this a long term high value purchase, that will accelerate your ambition. So come onboard on this wonderful journey of learningfilled with great visuals, clear voice over and great insights.