This course of Kivy will help you to make Android Applications using Python .So all the ones who feel Python is easier than Java should go for this course for making your Android Applications .Also the ones who already know Python and want to work with some new tool of Python should also go for this course .So Kivy is basically when you make Android applications using Python instead of Java .The course is structured in such a way that it starts from the basics of Kivy, covers all the basic topics and then moves over to the Application development and Deployment .It will take 2hrs. approx. for this course .So this course should be taken by the students who want to make Android Application using Python .All the videos are included which will explain all the concepts first and then show the handson example code of it . Also all the program files of the programs that are discussed in the course are also provided . This course will give you a new insight towards the mobile application development .