Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure(AZ-203) – Mock Test


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Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-203)Candidates for this exam are Azure Developers who design and build cloud solutions such as applications and services. They participate in all phases of development, from solution design, to development and deployment, to testing and maintenance. They partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement the solution.Candidates should be proficient in developing apps and services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, compute, and communications.Candidates must have at least one year of experience developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development and be skilled in at least one cloud-supported programming language.Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer AssociateExam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Skills MeasuredDevelop Azure Infrastructure as a Service compute solutions (10-15%)Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM)Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch ServicesCreate containerized solutionsDevelop Azure Platform as a Service compute solutions (20-25%)Create Azure App Service Web AppsCreate Azure App Service mobile appsCreate Azure App Service API appsImplement Azure functionsDevelop for Azure storage (15-20%)Develop solutions that use storage tablesDevelop solutions that use Cosmos DB storageDevelop solutions that use a relational databaseDevelop solutions that use blob storageImplement Azure security (10-15%)Implement authenticationImplement access controlImplement secure data solutionsMonitor, troubleshoot, and optimize solutions (10-15%)Develop code to support scalability of apps and servicesIntegrate caching and content delivery within solutionsInstrument solutions to support monitoring and loggingConnect to and consume Azure and third-party services (20-25%)Develop an App Service Logic AppIntegrate Azure Search within solutionsDevelop event-based solutionsDevelop message-based solutions