Hello everyone, Welcome to my class”Digital Illustration For Designers: Create Still Life Illustration”.A still life is a painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects. This class is about creating such drawing in a digital form.In this class, you will learn how tocreate still life illustration in adobe illustrator and photoshop.This class isperfect for designer, illustrator and design enthusiasts,who want to learn different types of illustrations and techniques. This class will help you in learning new skills and enhancing your portfolio.I have explored different styles of illustrations in my past classes, this is yet another type of illustration, I will talk about. The class is great starting course for beginners, who wants to build their career as a digital artist. Even the class is useful for an experienced artist, who wants to learn a new style.The class is divided into simple steps, which is easy to understand and follow along. I have explained all the ins & outs so that you can understand the concept behind using tools. Once you understand the concept behind something, you can use it in different ways in other projects too.Here, you will learn about, how to come up withsimple but great concepts, use different tools to illustrate multiple shapes, apply different colors and textures, to push your illustrations, beyond basic.Still life is a very important genre forillustrators and artists,and it’s a perfect place to start learning different illustration skills. That’s why, while doing still life illustrations, you get a chance to explorelines, composition, value, tone, space, and textures.It’s a great way to practice your creative illustration skills.And even being so foundational, it’s an exciting genre in itself. Just because the results can be mesmerizing. Working on Illustrating, Still Life, will help you identify, how a composition works and how you can arrange it, to get desired results.By working on a chosen still life concept, brainstorming different ideas, abstracting and sketching them, forming vectors in illustrator, then applying colors and textures, you get a solid foundation to work from.This class allows you to start working on your next illustration project and push your creativity.You also get to work on a fun class project, right after completing this class. Which you can share, with this awesome community and gain valuable feedbacks.I welcome you all to this class.So, let’s get started and learn how to illustrate things around you!