Learnpowerful tricks inside Adobe Illustrator CC to polish your current illustrations. These Digital Illustration tricks are sure to give you an extra edge when completing your designs. Looks great on various design styles, adding realism and cohesive balance to your vector art.I take you through my Digital Illustration Completion Phase step-by-step, taking a basic vector design and adding all the important touches of detail and realism. Things like shading, texture, pattern swatches, andphoto transparency. All of these elements bring a digital illustration together, giving it a professional look.For the class example, I’ve prepared a Space Station Illustration to show you the value of using custom shading. We’ll walk through usingAdobe Illustrator’sMesh Tool, so you can convert basic vector objects into realistic looking surfaces of metal and other various materials. This gives digitalillustrations an eye-pleasingdimensionality that simple vector shapes by themselves can’t achieve.These tricks will prepare you for thinking about vector art in new ways, so they you can try different styles of illustration. You’ll complete the class with a new toolset sure to be useful throughout all of your future graphic designs.