Digital Marketing Specialist: Marketing Mistakes To Avoid



Learning from mistakes that others have done in their online business, is the best way to avoid them.***************************************************************************************Please kindly note that this course is in Persian (Farsi) Language. ***************************************************************************************Starting an online business could be fun but also too over whelming. Dealing with all different aspects of an online business needs too much efforts, concentration and passion. Otherwise, all our efforts could lead us to uneasy situations and even lead us to a failure.There are so many things that beginners do in their online business and digital marketing procedures that are absolutely wrong and should be stopped immediately before it gets too much late.Many start-ups do the same mistakes that others have done before and they think that this is the best way but they dont know that the mistakes that they are doing will cost them time, money and, may stop them from reaching their goals.This course covers the 10 most important mistakes that most start-ups and entrepreneurs do and should avoid them immediately.At the end of the course, you will have enough understanding about different aspects of doing business online, the mistakes that you should avoid and the solutions to those mistakes.***************************************************************************************Please kindly note that this course is in Persian (Farsi) Language. ***************************************************************************************