Diminished Lightning Vol. 3 – Advanced Gypsy Jazz Guitar



Electrify your guitar solos with Diminished lightning!In this advanced Gypsy Jazz guitar soloing course, we delve into some of the most powerful uses of the diminished 7th Arpeggio!The first section is an exploration of different ways to play the diminished arpeggio. This will help you to master the entire guitar neck. By using diminished to move in different directions, your fingers will effortlessly fly around the guitar!We will also get into how to use diminished arpeggios to create momentum in your solos. By leading-in with diminished, you can imbue your solos with a sense of authority and drive the music!In the third section, we will master the open string diminished arpeggios. Doing this will instantly give you more soloing options in the twangiest area of the strings!Learn some lightning fast Gypsy Jazz diminished licks in the fourth section! Everything is broken down in great detail so that even a beginner can get the hang of how to use diminished in a single-note solo.If you want to take your playing to an advanced level, then join me on this dive into the world of diminished lightning!