Discover How To Create An Automated Online Marketing Funnel


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Will You Make Your First $1,000 Online AfterReading The Secrets On This Page?If you would like to quit your day job, and make your first $1,000 online in the next 30 days, then read every word on this pagevery closelyBecause Im about to give you a proven formula for building your own 6-figure internet cash machine, in your spare time, from the comfort of your own home!THOUSANDS of people from all over the world have successfully used this proven formula to create passive income streams for themselves…And today, you have the opportunity to use this exact same formula to build a highly profitable, long-term online business of your own.Before I give you the formula though, let me ask you an important question.Have you ever wondered how some internet marketers are working just a few minutes a day from the comfort of their own homes, while youre slogging away for 40 hours a week?Well, its because they follow the THREE earn more, work less golden rules that Im about to share with you right nowAnd you need to follow these like your life depends on it if you want the kind of lifestyle and income you desire.Rule #1? BUILD A LIST.Its the be all and end all of any internet business really.And especially vital to anyone that wants to slash the amount of time they work by hours every day.You seeAn email can take as little as 10 minutes to writeMaybe 20 if youre a terrible writer.But more often than not that will be your only task for the dayAnd if you promote THE RIGHT offers, that one email will fill your PayPal account with hundreds in commissions almost instantly.Now…You wouldnt think your business has much in common with billion dollar businesses like Amazon or Walmart, but theres probably more than you think.A prime example of this being the second Golden Rule of making more money by doing less.What is that Rule #2 you ask?Rule #2? REPEAT BUSINESS.Its the lifeblood of most businesses.Its rarely about how many different customers you can attractIts normally about how much you can get each customer to spend.The LIFETIME value of each customer iskey to unlimited wealth & riches.And if you use golden rule #1 to leverage your business, youll have plenty of opportunity to unlock that lifetime value. Too many marketers get hung up on making just one sale. Thats for amateurs.Reckless marketers who dont know what theyre doing.AKA Dumbass marketers.And I know youre not one of those soFocus on repeat sales, not just one front-end sale.It makes perfect sense right?Okay, here comes golden rule #3, are you ready?Golden rule #3 is a MARKETING FUNNEL.Having your own marketing funnel is VITAL to your success, because it allows you to put your entire business on complete autopilot…And really enjoy the FREEDOM you deserve.You set up a marketing funnel ONCE, and it does the selling over and over again FOR YOU, even when youre not there! Thats what the internet lifestyle is all about, isnt it? AUTOMATION!Now listenIn my first couple of years as an internet marketer I made what is best described as nada.That translates as $0 if youre not familiar with the term…One of the reasons for that is that Id be looking for the outside of the box idea.A little known strategy that would uncover the internets buried treasure and make me rich.But this never worked for me.And to be completely transparent with you, Im embarrassed to admit this but my search for one of these crazy whacky ways to make a buck or two…Resulted in my hard drive being rammed full of these novelty ideas. I only ever bought into short-term solutions to my problems. Building something for the long-term never really occurred to me untilOne Day That Was The Crazy Whacky Idea.Yup, Id had my head so far up my.Ill leave this word to your imaginationThat finally sitting down and trying something that I knew worked and I knew would deliver results was outside of the box.And I know that theres tons of gimmicks out there to entertain you and feed your addiction to new systems but heres an ideaHow about you do something crazy whacky and actually earn some money for your marketing efforts?How about following a proven system that allows you to apply all three golden rules into your business RIGHT NOWAnd have you making your first $1,000 in the next 30 days?Sounds good?Introducing SIX-FIGUREEMPIRES!The Little Known Website You Can Instantly Use To Uncover HUNDREDS of Profitable NichesIts no secret that people tend to spend money when they experience PAIN in their life. This secret website will allow you to spy on those pain-based niches in minutes, and easily find large groups of people who have money to spend RIGHT NOW on a quick fix.The Proven $100k A Year ONE PAGE Business Plan That Works Every Single TimeIn this special video Ill show you how to build a $100k online business from start to finish, snd how to create a step-by-step action plan in under 15 minutes. Follow this proven blueprint and youll never find yourself wondering what to do next, because youll have a killer blueprint to follow all the way through!How To Create A High Converting, Lead-Sucking Squeeze Page In 8 Minutes FlatStart building a massive email list in record time with my step-by-step, easy to digest squeeze page formula. Ill show you how to rapidly create high converting guru style squeeze pages using a brain-dead simple tool that every successful marketer has in his arsenal. Ill show you how to write killer, attention-grabbing headlines that get people to take massive action and subscribe to your list with ease!The Sneaky Shortcut That Allows You To Create Stunning Lead Magnets On Semi-AutopilotGiving away free stuff is the most powerful way to build a list of raving fans who know, like, trust, and most importantly, BUY from you. Ill show exactly where to find pre-made lead magnets you can give away for free and start building your own list of subscribers almost instantly, as well as reveal the secret strategy you can use to build massive trust and authority FAST.Where To Find Courses You Can Instantly Sell As Your Own and Keep 100% of The ProfitsThe fastest way to brand yourself as an authority in your niche is to sell your own products. The downside is the it can take months, or even years to create a decent product you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits. In this video Ill show you where to find high quality digital courses you can re-brand in less than 30 minutes, and start selling them as your own for massive profits in less than 24 hours!How To Write and Design A World-Class Sales Letter In Less Than 30 MinutesThis foolproof shortcut allows you to write killer sales letter that convert like crazy lightning FAST, even if you can barely spell the word copywriting. Ive used this unique method to write world-class sales letters in less than 30 minutes, and now you can too!Ill also teach you how to write highly attractive headlines, psychology based call to actions, and a whole bunch more!How To Setup Your Products On One of The Largest Affiliate Networks On The GlobeIn this video Ill show you step-by-step over my shoulder how to make your products available for sale on one of the largest and most profitable affiliate networks in the world. Ill show you step-by-step how to create payment buttons so that people can actually purchase your products, and how to make the entire process work on complete autopilot, even when youre not there! Its all about automation, remember?As you can see, Six-Figure Empires is a really comprehensive course. It contains all of my secrets, techniques, and strategies. No stone is left unturned. No holds barred. Its all in there!And now, for a very limited time, you can legally steal my entire online businessWatch Behind The Scenes How I Build ASix-FigureSales Funnel From Start To Finish!I’ll do it right in-front of your very own eyes!Trust me, building a long-term, sustainable, highly profitable online business has never been easier, because I really expose EVERYTHING I know in this course.And best of all? Itll take you less than 2 hours to watch the entire course! 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Your purchase is 100% risk free, so if for any reason Six-Figure Empires isn’t what you thought it would be, or even if it doesn’t work for you as I promised, simple shoot me an email to and I’ll send you every single penny back. No questions asked, no hassle!P.P.S. Don’t take the risk, place your order now and take my system for a test drive for 60 full days! I know you’ll absolutely LOVE it!