I have literally spent over 10K US dollars in the past 2 years paying for programs that were supposed to help me develop an online business. In less than 5 minutes, from a free YouTube video and your course, I found the answers I was looking for. And it was so simple. Marilyn**********************************”Awesome class. Really helps to find what your life mission is and give you direction and encouragement.” Jeanine Lowry**********************************Are you fed up wasting time doing something that is not 100% in alignment with your passions, desires and your talents?Then you’re in the right place.It’s no surprise that the majority of humanity is doing something other than what they have come here to do. It shows in the epidemic proportions of sad and depressed people. It’s time for a radical change!I will show you how to find your purpose and mission in life and how to go about moving forward in a hopeful way and with deliberate intent. In 7 steps I will show you just how simple it can be to narrow down your gifts and desires for what makes you happiest.You will watch videos, download handouts and receive lots of questions to answer, which will help you access a part of you that perhaps has been dormant for way too long.You will also do a guided visualization to help you access your subconscious, so you can tap into what your real passions and desires are for your life.If you are looking for entertainment, this is not the right course for you. This course is for those of you who are willing to dig deep by doing the exercises and participating. Trust the process!Wow, thank you for this lecture… My life purpose in one word is challenge It is so easy once I saw the pattern… Julia   **********************************”Wonderful course full of insights! I’m a life coach and a Reiki practitioner. I took this course to help my clients at the beginning, but when I finished the course, I got more clarity for myself. These are simple 7 steps. You will still find some gaps between steps when you finish each step. But the gaps cannot be filled by the trainer. Only when you contemplate your life purpose sincerely and follow the guidance suggested by the trainer, Cha-zay, you will see your picture getting clearer and find yourself to take actions toward your purpose and mission. Life stories of Cha-zay and her students are very inspiring, too.” Shawn Sungwook Lee**********************************Keywords:#discovering your purpose, #how to find your purpose and passion in life, #finding your purpose course, #finding your purpose book, #the school of life, #life purpose examples, #find your purpose, #find your mission, #life purpose, #mission in life, #udemy, #be about purpose, #productive life, #successful life,