This course is designed for the entrepreneur, business owner or instructor who is looking to add direct-to-camera, or “talking head” videos to a course or video channel in a DIY, or do it yourself, manner.Thetips and techniques taught in this course areapplicable for creating direct-to-camera videos for a Udemy course or for “talking head”videos in other course platforms or channels such as YouTube.Emphasis is placed on using a simple recording setup and creating videos using equipment that you likely already have in your home or office. Many of these tips and tricks will also serve those who are doing live streaming video with Facebook Liveor Periscope.Instructor Vickie Maris, whose Periscope course was featured in the Udemy blog, is an online course designer with over two decades of experience in continuing education at Purdue University and over 10 years in corporate America creating educational content in the agricultural industry.She begins in this course with getting you to think about whether an online videocourse is the right medium for connecting with your customers, and will give you some tips about video production that will help you get rolling. The course is particularly focused towards the person who is daunted by the use of video recording equipment and not sure where to start. Vickie demonstrates, through the way she created videos for the course, how to record quality videos in a simple way that have great potential for quickapproval by theUdemy team.The section on tips, tools, and techniques is bursting full of helpful hints that will make this journey easier for the first-time creator of “talking head” videos.She wraps up the course with time-saving techniques for recording and working with files that will turn you into a lean operation when it comes to course content production!Join the over 1000 students who have already enrolled in one of Vickie’s courses in Udemy!