Have you asked yourself why some people have more difficulty losing weight?Should you do power exercises, endurance exercises or both? Do you have genes which make it easier for you to become an elite athlete?Genetics affects how your body’s responds to different exercises and diets. Genes can affect metabolism, response to exercise, taste preferences, strength, flexibility, muscle fatigue, muscle recovery, nutrient deficiencies, and personality. In this course you’ll learn how each genetic trait can contribute to health and fitness.The genetic traits assessed by Silverberry can guide the design of dietary plans or exercise regimens.With genetic assessments, you can discover how to best utilize your time in the gym or which diet will tickle the tastebuds and provide faster results.Learn to use each of the Silverberry fitness packages – Weight Loss, Lean & Fit, Athletic Training, and Longevity – which include different combinations of genetic traits tailored to achieving a particular goal.With the knowledge of how each genetic trait contributes to your unique physiology, you can optimize or “hack” your lifestyle.Course Methodology: Learning by ExampleThroughout the course, we focus on a few example individuals with specific goals or concerns. For each example, we review theirDNA assessment and we show you how assessments of genetic traits can inform the design of a fitness plan. Additionally, weprovide a few quiz questionsafter each segmentto test your comprehension every step of the way.By the end of course, you will understand the methodology of employing genetic assessment to achieve your goalsand assistyour clients.