Documentary Filmmaking Masterclass



Who is this course NOT for:You need to have some basic filmmaking knowledge and skills. If you’ve never made at least a 3-5 minute story and video, this course will be too advanced for you. Why take this course?You wont need a big team, budget, or a fancy diploma for my course. All you need is a story, and Ill help you turn it into a documentary. This course is a view into my life, and how I make my documentaries. It takes you through the exact steps I took, when I made my award-winning film The Pearl of Africa and Ill even share my personal lists of grants and festivals I applied for. Its like a mentorship, with me, for your future film.What you will get:42 lectures5-hours of educational content.Lifetime access to our online communityLifetime access to all assignments that will take your project to the NEXT level.A unique insight into the life of a documentary filmmaker. Pure and practical advice that you won’t get in a film school or in a book. ALLtemplates you need to make a documentary (pitch deck, budget, contracts, list of festivals and funders etc). Personal advice from an award-winning director and producer. Who am I to teach you?Investing in yourself is the most important thing if you want to make a living working witha profession like this. During my 15 years as a professional filmmaker, I’ve invested inonline courses, books, talks and workshops. There’s been good ones, but also a lot of bad ones.But the education has reallyhelped meget towhere I am today.Sign up now and don’t wait!If you’re not happy with the course, I’d be more than happy to refund all your money within 30 days. But I hope that doesn’t happen!See you on the other side!