An eCourse on entrepreneurial leadershipforentrepreneurwho areoptimising risk, innovating to take advantage of opportunities, taking personal responsibility and managing change within a dynamic environment. Achieve executive level success & learn executive Business & Management Skills and Take your career to new heights. Develop executive level skills and implement effectivestrategies.Entrepreneurial leaders succeed bytaking an opportunity-minded approach to their interactions with employees & Peers. As the pace of change accelerates and requires leaders to do more with less, smart leaders have realized that results don’t simply follow by telling others what to do. Instead, it takes an entrepreneurial leader who understands how to translate opportunity, lead from their strengths, and enroll others in the organizations work. This course provides a toolbox of key concepts and practices to help you adopt an entrepreneurial mindset as you lead.Leadership is a learned skill. The more you work on it, the bigger your repertoire of skills will be. In this course, youll come to understand that the best leaders are always learning! Well look at old heroic paradigms of leadership and consider why they may not fit todays world. Well then look at what it takes to lead in a world where everything cant be known, as well as the skills and behaviors you need to be able to move an idea forward, get others to be part of the effort, and operate successfully.Youll have an opportunity to reflect on your own strengths, imagine the kind of leader you want to be, and practice keymethods of thinking andacting that helpa leader emerge.