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This is a crash course for DPV owners and/or divers interested in getting involved in DPV diving, finding out what it takes to dive them from very basic planning to the most advanced way of using multiple units in miles long and several hours dives even in overhead enviroments.Expect Videos including Voiceover Powerpoint penetrations with detailed information, Topic Quizzes.This information is intended to be use by capable and qualified DPV divers, or for students soon to participate in a formal DPV course, including land drills and in water skills practice.We have include the following main DPV Course Topics :DPV HistoryDPV Planning SequenceDPV MathDPV FailuresAlso we review the Basic Diving Skill forDive PlanningBailout ConsiderationsNDLNOTICE : This Course is mostly included in the Become a Safe & Efficient Dive ExplorerWARNING: DPV DIVING IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU APPLY THIS INFORMATION UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL