Draw a Boat in Water using Pens, Inks and Watercolors



I am delighted to create this course teaching how to draw a full painting of a boat standing in the water. This image was a cover image for one of my courses and many students expressed their interest toknow how to draw water using pens, inks and watercolors.This is a two and half hours long comprehensive course which will guide you to learn1. How to do a preliminary pencil sketch of a boat?2. How to convert this pencil sketch into a pen sketch? What precautions need to be taken when starting with the pen sketch?3. How to apply colors to the boat sketch? How to use colored inks and watercolors interchangeably and in harmony?4. How to color the water? How to draw texture for various materials like wood and rusty metal?5. Dry brush technique for indicating the textures.6. Implying depth in a sketch / painting.