Draw webtoon and manga with clip studio paint



Do you have a dream to be a comic artist ?Then this course is making for you. With my experience for more than 7 years from doing manga commission, I would tell you my secret of how to create web comics from start till finishing process1. Storyboarding2. Prepareworkspace, tips andtechnique to create manga faster(withClip studio paint EX, SAI Paint tool, Medibang paint,….)3. Drawing process (Sketch , Line art, Coloring)4. Add effect to pictures5. Create Logo of your comics, addtext andsound effectWith all of this process, You would be able to make your own web comics and i would appreciate if you can do it as a job because nowadays, there are a lot of web comics website waiting for artist to make webtoon series with them like Line webtoons, Lezhin comics, ….Let’s go ! Tell your great story to the world !!!*This course would be teachinThai language and have English subtitles.