Drawing Animals using Pen, Inks and Watercolors



Who is this course for?- Are you an animal lover? – This course is for you- Do you want to learn to sketch animals in afun and exciting way?- This course is for you- Do you sketchusing pen and inks and want to add one more skill to your arsenal? – This course is for youWhat do you need to start this course?- Loads of enthusiasm!- Apen (any color, any make, any type)- India ink and watercolors- Apaper- Some basics in Pen and Ink sketching (Refer to my course “Introduction to Pen and Ink Sketching”for details)What will you learn?- To sketch a cute Panda using pens- To sketch dogs using pen and inks- To sketch acat close up using pens, inks and watercolors- To sketch a grand elephant in frontal view using pensWe will learn todo hands-onsketching step by stepthrough fun and exciting exercises for each of the above.