Learn to create and illustrate your very own characters like a creative professional with this project-based course. It will provide you with working files and a step by step workflow that you will be able to follow. Master all the methods professional character artists use and apply then to your projects. Whatever character design project you decide to take on next you will know exactly where to start, what to do and have the technical confidence to create great work. Great course! It’s very interesting to see how a project like this goes from start to completion. The explanations are clear and concise. I love it.Alain Berthelot Learn the methods and techniques required for drawing characters from two creative professionals: concept artist Almu and graphic designer Martin who work on this project as a team. Each of them have different set of professional skills and best practices to share with you.You will mainly be working in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, however the skills you learn can be easily transferred into other pieces of software you might want to work in. Its useful to have basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator to make the most of this course.A closer look at what you will learn: The first chapter will welcome you to the course and walk you through the brief Martin and Almu will be working on together. The second chapter is all about the Concept Stage, where you will learn about style, shape, proportions, silhouettes and loads more. Almu will be walking you through her process of refining character concepts using Adobe Photoshop and applying all the important aspects and principles of good character design.Then its on to the design stage, where Martin will continue with the finished concept art and turning them into vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. In this chapter you will learn about features and techniques like adding colour, detail, shading and loads more.In the conclusion to the course you will learn the correct and professional way to export your working files ready to be used for both print and web. About the instructors: Martin is an Adobe Certified Instructor and has been working in the industry as a Graphic Designer for more than 10 years for clients like Pixars Cars and Toy Story and Mattels Hot Wheels. He has not only developed his own successful career and business but has helped others on the way to doing the same. Almu is a storyboard artist, visual development and concept artist with a passion for stories. She has worked as visual development artist for animation films and TV series, as well as concept artist and storyboard artist for the VFX industry for clients like Disney and LucasArts. This course includes: 25 Videos2.5 Hours of learning content Downloadable project filesCompletion certificate upon finishing the entire courseWho will find it useful:Perfect for anyone who is passionate about illustration and wants to develop their skills.Anyone who wants to develop their own characters and work as Concept or Character artists.Existing illustrators who want to get more involved with character design. Those who would like to learn more about drawing in Illustrator and Photoshop.This course made me aware of loads of things you can do with Illustrator that I’ve never realised before, despite having used it for years. I loved the section taught by Martins co-instructor, which gave insight into giving your characters a personality. That was really eye-opening!Sue MoseleySkills you will gain:Coming up with and sketching unique and engaging charactersCreating characters confidently applying design principles and best practices used by professionalsProducing vector artwork that can be used both on web, print and animationCreating character illustrations ready to be sold as stock assetsReady to start creating your own awesome characters? Enroll to this course now and get started!