Drawing & Painting with Ballpoint Pen: Art of Pen Drawing



Colored ballpoint pen technique is one of the newest techniques of drawing and nowadays, it is being developed. The transparent and brilliant colors of colored ballpoint pens can attract the eyes of every audience. The benefits of this technique can be seen in availability and affordability of tools. These features allow you to start drawing in every situation and time with the simple tools which are portable too.Another important advantage of this technique is the high durability of the works. One of the most important features of this technique is that the ink of colored ballpoint pens will be dried immediately, so the paper and your desk won’t be dirty.The goal of this course is to learn, how to create simple and elemental models with ballpoint pens and we are going to get familiar with required tools in colored ballpoint pen technique in order to create beautiful paintings in everywhere and every time with available and inexpensive tools.After introducing all kinds of ballpoint pens and usable tools in the first phase, I’ll teach the students how to hatch in the correct way in order to create The Mass and color in the painting with colored ball point pens and also the students will learn the way of creating different tonalities of color by controlling hand pressure and over hatching.In the next phase, I’ll teach you, how to shade and draw simple models with monochrome ballpoint pens and for more practice I’ll draw a wooden bucket, tree and a zebra .In the coloring with colored Ballpoint pen section , I’ll teach you, how to color an autumnal leaf, a simple lip and an eye with colored ballpoint pens. I’ll teach you how to create different kinds of genders with colored ballpoint pens, such as a cloud, a brick wall, a tree and a wineglass.After these phases, the students will be able to do the simple but important practices. I’ll teach you, how to color a pair of shoes and a beautiful butterfly in this section. And finally, I’ll present the way of drawing and coloring a real lip and an real eye with all the details.