Are you new in the world of drones? Do you want to start aerial journey? Not sure if spending +1000 USDor more for drone equipment is a right choiceDJIMavic AIR is one of the best drone options for very first drone.It is small, compact but it hides great potential, and we are going to unveil the possibilities during this course. Almost perfect drone.Save time, money and energy following Rafal and become a confident aircraft operator, master of aerial photography and videography. Find the answers to your questions or ask the instructor your own.You can join me whenever you want to and shape your drone operator skills. . Organize your activities, learn and practice from basic exercises to more advanced lectures. Do not worry, I’ll guide you and you can follow me step by step.The course is interactive. You can simply follow the real-life aerial exaples and get out the most from the drone course for yourself. Here is what you will learn on this course:This course will improve your drone skills, knowledge and aerial experience to the upper level, so make your decision, jump right now and get fantastic outcome fast!