Learning from very basic takes some time, but after the initial stages, you’ll get it very easy, and it shouldn’t take more than a month to master this program, the PHP web development is not that difficult to learn as shown on the web, but with a practical & positive approach, it gets very easier gradually. Why should you learn Drupal?Drupal has become, over the past years, one of the most favorite CMS large corporations choose for their enterprise solutions. The word spread out there says that Joomla has not yet fulfilled this space in some occasions.There is demand for Drupal Pro’sTake a look at the IT want-ads and they will tell you that big corporations and Drupal service integrator need Drupal pro’s. A good thing for Drupal developers out there is that corporations are paying extremely well for experienced web developers.About this Course: This is the complete course about drupal CMS, In this course we will cover everything about drupal ,We will built some professional sites with drupal, Also we will make an advanced online Learning Management System. After this course you will be able to create advanced and customized web Apps using Drupal.