Dyslexia 101: Definition, Characteristics, Assessment



Dyslexia is a complex, neurobiological disorder. Many myths about Dyslexia exist including the belief that it doesn’t really exist. Struggling readers are simply unmotivated and lazy. This course was created using current research in diagnostic practice in order to provide professionals, parents, and caregivers a comprehensive insight into the reasons why reading is such a laborious process for some individuals. Within this course brain based research is presented, along with a comprehensive definition of Dyslexia including its characteristics. The assessment process for Dyslexia is also discussed, as well as the Special Education Process. Information contained within the lectures is based on current research, industry practice, and tailored to meet the needs of educational professionals, parents, and caregivers of struggling readers. Take this course to enhance current skills, or to be able to develop and apply entirely new ones needed to assist in dispelling Dyslexia’s myths.