You have a great product you are about to launch or have launched, but you have no experience in marketing or selling! Having a great product is only the first step, andyou are nottruly inbusiness until you actually make your first sale and have a paying client. The most common mistake startup entrepreneurs make is they go to market without understanding what EXACTLY they are selling, who they are selling to, whether they want your product or not, and how to sell to them.In this simple but powerful course that has been successfullyused by hundreds of startups from around the world you will learn:How to develop a sales mindset giving you the confidence to convince prospects that they need your productFiguring out the main thing you are selling and how to properly market it to your prospective customerLearning what is unique about your product and how to differentiate from the competitionDeveloping a profile or your ideal customer and learning everything about them making it easier to sell to themHow to use interviews to fill your pipeline with leads that need what you haveCompile a list of all the potential buyer objections you will encounter and how to confidently reverse them to your advantageWhat the proper messaging is for your website and your marketing that will MAKEPROSPECTSBUYBuilding your sales strategy that will simplify your approach to sales and marketing giving you a better chance at succeedingThis course is filled with thousands of dollars of information that can give you the AHAmoment you are looking for to get your startup off the ground.