<< UPDATED in October 2019! >>Digital photography can be profitable!! Earn additional, passive income with your photographs by selling them online to an international audience!   This course contains 15 short and concise video lectures that take you step-by-step through the process of becoming a successful stock photographer on Shutterstock.   Get to know the world of stock photography and start earning money with your photos online!  Ever wonder whether its possible to sell your images online? The answer is: Yes, you can! And its easier than you think!  Anyone who takes decent photographs with a DSLR camera can sign up as a stock photographer on one of many online stock photography websites. In this course, I will help you to sign up as a contributor on Shutterstock specifically, not only because its one of the worlds biggest stock photography websites, but also because its got a very user-friendly interface and because youll earn more here than through any other stock photography website.     THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM THIS COURSE:  What it means to be a micro stock photographer.  What types of photographs sell online.  What you can expect to earn as a stock photographer.  What the characteristics of a good stock photo are.  What the Shutterstock submission guidelines are.  How to add captions and keywords to your photos that will help potential clients to find them when they search for images on Shutterstock.  How to upload photos to Shutterstock and how to monitor their success.  How to get paid through Shutterstock.  The value of a good stock photo filing system on your computer.  How to upload your photos onto multiple stock photography websites so that you can earn even more money!  How to sign up and register as a Shutterstock contributor.  Take a moment to view the course Promo Video, as well as those lectures that have been made available as a sample of what you can expect.  Keep in mind, if you’re not happy with the material, there’s a 30-day no-questions-asked full money back guarantee! So don’t hesitate and enrol today, and take the first step towards earning a bonus, passive income with your photographs.  Villiers’s presentation skills are superb and better than anything else I’ve attended or enrolled in before. Not only is his technical knowledge of his subject outstanding, but he is also willing to share practical advice accumulated over years.”  Helgard de Preez South Africa