Earn Passive Income From Print On Demand Sites



This course will walk you through how to earn passive income from Print On Demand (POD) sites! These are websites where you can upload your owndesigns and artwork that is printed on various items when customers purchase them. From t-shirts to mugs, anyone around the world can buy your artwork online for their own personal enjoyment. When you upload your art one time, they’re on the website forever for customers to purchase. This means that your monthly income will increase as time passes!Remember, never let anyone tell you that you can’t make a living as an artist or creative.This course was first published on Skillshare and has over 850 students with 34 positive reviews:”Good overview on how to get started on various Print On Demand sites. I would love to see an Illustrator T-Shirt Design class from this instructor.”-Tony S.”Lots of useful information, inspiring and thanks for keeping it real!”-Carol W.Great class! Very useful info!!-Kristin S.