Easy Instructional Harmonium for Yoga, Kirtans, Meditations



Join Raghunath in taking the mystery out of playing the harmonium. This beautiful instrument used in classical India kirtan is ideal for both personal meditation and group chanting. The course is designed for personal enjoyment and for those interested in leading kirtans, and looking to transform their yoga classes into sacred space using transcendental chants. In this instructional video and instructional ebook Raghunath breaks it all down and will have "you off and chanting in no time. The basics of the harmonium are accompanied by inspiring texts on the power of kirtan and sacred sound as well as full translations of the meaning of many familiar mantras and songs.The course is especially designed for non-musicians, those not familiar with musical instruments and those who do not know the meaning behind familiar mantras. Raghunath will explain it all and systematically take you through understanding, playing and sonic meditation. It is truly harmonium playing made easy." Learn mantras, learn melodies learn to free your voice and tap into the divinely sacred with the harmonium as your guide.