Easy Origami At The Craft Academy



So what is "Easy Origami" all about?If you are interested in origami, but have no previous knowledge and really want to learn then this course will allow you to begin making beautiful pieces. It can be extremely difficult to try and learn origami from diagrams which I'm sure is the reason many people give up before they have even begun. Fortunately in today's world, teaching has become so much easier with step by step "over the shoulder" videos showing every detail. Easy Origami will walk you through how to create six beautiful pieces of simple origami paper art.I begin by showing you which tools and paper you will need to be able to complete the course. This basic set of tools includes the following items – a knife, ruler, glue stick, cutting board and of course some origami paper. This paper craft course is for beginners and I start by showing you the technique for cutting out a square from an A 4 size sheet of paper which is what you need to make these pieces.Once you have your paper prepared I then show you how to do paper folding accurately so that you can practice these basic folds before we begin making the first piece. I teach you how to create the following six items: Origami CraneOrigami FlowerOrigami Transforming Ninja StarOrigami StarOrigami ButterflyOrigami SwanEach item has its own "easy to follow" video where I walk you through, step by step on how to fold the paper to create the piece. If you have never done origami before then watching over my shoulder as I make each item is the best way for beginners to learn. You can watch the videos as many times as you like until you have successfully completed each piece and are ready to move onto the next one. The course takes just over an hour to go through all the training videos but it will take you longer to learn each piece as you may need to watch each video several times. If you are new to origami and have a desire to begin making these beautiful pieces of paper art then this course is a great place to start. I also provide a list of places you can find some great origami paper as well as eight different colourful patterns that you can print out and use. On completing the Easy Origami course you will be presented a Certificate congratulating you on successfully learning the basics of origami and having the skills to make six beautiful pieces. Once you have these basic skills you will then be able to progress to more advanced Origami creations in the future.