Easy Typography Tips to Beautify and Strengthen Your Work



Being able to create clean, polished, and effective content by yourself can really save you money while helping you spread your messages. It can feel daunting to need to do design work” if you are not a designer. But having a strong sense of how to put things together is easier than you may think. I’ll show you how. This course, the second of two, helps you to get comfortable with intermediate typographic design concepts. Topics like letter spacing, word spacing, text alignment, and color theory are covered. Also, some a few simple, general graphic design topics have been added as well – to help tie everything together.The course is designed to take the pain out of needing to face design challenges on your own. The videos break things down using simple explanations.The lectures are short, so that you can take it all in quickly. The supplemental materials help you remember what you have learned.