There are many eBay drop-shipping sellers using third party retailers to fulfil their shipment. Drop-shipping listings usually are priced high and get low chance of sale for each listing. Those sellers must create big number of listings in order to get sales. The more, the better.This creates challenges for them.How to create a large number of listings with minimum effortHow to avoid item out-of-stock in third party when eBay sales arriveAutomation is the solution.I developed two Apps (dsLister and dsStockMgr), which solve these two problems.dsLister is able to create eBay listings from Home Depot , WalMart, or Overstock in bulkdsStockMgr will sync eBay inventory with source stock automaticallyBoth Apps run on local computer (Mac and Windows)and are based on MS Excel files. This makes eBay listing management very easy.WithdsLister, you can easily create 100 or 200 eBay listings at once. WithdsStockMgr, you will never worry about out-of-stock in yourHome Depot source.In this course, I will introduce these two Apps and give a video tutorials. If you are using Home Depot, WalMart, or Overstock as your primary source to fulfill your shipment, then these two Apps can be big helper to you, they can do more than a VA (virtual assistant) can do, but with very low cost.