Thinking about starting an eCommerce store,but you simply dont know how?Does it seem like an impossible challenge for you?youre not alone.When I started my first site, I was a hungry and novice entrepreneur .I shelled out more than $80,000 of my hard earned cashdeveloping an idea that I believed will work. I made all the mistakes there areto makesuch asattemptingto implementall the features I assumed the users willneed.In the end of the day, 90% of the featuresare useless, andthere really is no demand formy app.Long story short, my first entrepreneurial endeavor became my $80,000 mistake.eCommerce websites are becoming more and more popular and prevalent by the day, creating a thriving and competitive market.As an entrepreneur, getting into ecommerceis a significant step towards growing a business and increasing profits. For those who are just starting a businessecommerce can potentially be the foundation of a profitable company.Whichever you are, know that ecommerce is not simply putting up your products online and hoping for the best.Although the market is growing, the competition means that it can be difficult for new and existing eCommerce businesses to break through the barrier and get themselves seen and heard.Unfortunately, this can only inevitably lead those businesses to be pushed out of the market.Ive put in this course the best and easieststrategies i learnedthat will make your eCommerce website stand out, and be successful. As with most businesses, time and effort are required, but it will certainly pay off in the long run.These strategies fullycover how buyers experience each element of your online store to explain how each aspect should be crafted to attract buyers and drive up sales.By following the strategies outlined in this course, sellers can target customers interests through their online store so that their business stands out amongst less savvy merchants.Merchants can become more aware of how customers perceive every store element and apply that knowledge to create their shop. Curating an online store to align with key buyers wants and motivations gives sellers an edge over less mindful competitors.If youre looking to get into ecommerce, there is certainly no better time than now!So let’s get started right now!