Economics – Explore The Concepts Of Consumer Behavior


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This economicscourse is pretty much the cornerstone to learn about the concepts of “Consumer Behavior”. The course engulfs all the basic concepts ofEvolution of Economic ThoughtsTheory of UtilityLaw of Diminishing Marginal UtilityConcept of DemandIndividual & Market Demand ScheduleExceptions to the Law of DemandElasticity of DemandIncome & Cross Elasticity and Consumer SurplusIndifference Analysis & Budget AnalysisThe entire course is divided into 12 modules which comprises of 23 video lectures and 7pdfs.Don’t forget to take the Assessment Test at the end of the course and shoot me with any questions and doubts you will have in mind.The course is based on practical real life scenarios & mathematics based solutions for you to understand the concepts better.Anyone who wants to learn economics, this course is your first stepping stone.We start this course from very scratch and gradually build your concepts.So if you are a complete new learner with no prior knowledge on economics, dont worry, this course can help you immensely.And, if you are an existing economics student in your graduation level, this course will definitely bring better clarity to your concepts.By the end of the course you will get detailed information and knowledge on the following areas:Clear understanding of the basics of economics and its evolutionWhat are the different elements and how they can determine a rational consumers buying decisionAlso you will develop substantial knowledge & clear understanding about some important concepts like:Theory of UtilityDiminishing Marginal UtilityConcept of Demand and Demand FunctionIndividual & Market Demand ScheduleElasticity of DemandConsumer SurplusNormal Goods & Inferior GoodsIndifference Analysis& Budget Analysis