Economics – Explore The Concepts Of Supply In 60 Minutes


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This economicscourse deals withthe concepts of “Supply”, the 1st part of Producer Behavior.The course engulfs all the basic concepts ofAn introduction to producer behaviorDefinition of supply, supply schedule, a movement and shift of supply curveElasticity of supply (a mathematical approach)Price ceiling and Price floor as part of market failure, also a clear understanding on producer surplus, consumer surplus and dead-weight lossMarket equilibrium -the behavior of both producer and consumerThe market supply and demand function (a mathematical approach)Benefit of subsidy- on to buyers and sellers (a mathematical approach)The entire course is divided into 7 modules which comprises of 16 video lectures.The course is based on practical real life scenarios with graphical presentations andmathematics based solutions for you to understand the concepts better.if you are an existing economics student in your graduation level, this course will definitely bring better clarity to your conceptsAnd, if you are in Masters level, this course will be very handy for you as well, as the mathematical approach can definitely bring better clarity to your concepts.By the end of the course, you will develop a clear understanding about how supply and its different elements influence producers behavior.And also you will be able to solve mathematical problems on Supply.Apart from that you will get clear analytical understanding on the following areas:The basics of supply & its elasticityPrice Ceiling and Price Floor as part of market failureProducer Surplus, Consumer Surplus and Dead-Weight LossMarket EquilibriumThe market supply and demand functionBenefit of Subsidy on thebuyers and sellers