This course serves as a fresh look at what Economics is about, how economists approach topics,as well as introducing some of the main areas of study in economics. Useful as a first look into the realm of economics as a field of study, these videoscanhelp youprepare for further studies in economics, or just serve asa refresher for experienced students in economics that would like to better understand the framework for economic analysis that will be applied in the subject areas they may be studying.No previous knowledge in economics is necessary, although even experienced students in economics will benefit from the broad overview of economic methods and how they come together. In many schools, students dive directly into each subject area and are never introduced in a broad way to the tools of economic analysis or modelling. The consequence is that students are left to try to understand the different parts of economic models, when they have never been presented a broad overview of the structure of economic models or the meaning behind the equations they are studying.This course seeks to fill this important gap within the economics curriculum by introducing you to economic agents, and their place in economic models.Hopefully, the videos regarding the tools economists use will help motivate and guide your study of subjects like math and econometrics, whether or not the focus at your local school is the most appropriate.In a world where discussion is each day easier to seek out, we discuss the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to many economic subjects, and encourage you to have this as a goal throughout your career.By the end of this course, you will have a more mature perspective on how to approach your studies within economics, and, hopefully, the models and studies you will be acquainted to in further studies will make more sense.