This course is designed with a hands-on approach. We feel the best way to learn how to edit in Lightroom is to follow along with the process yourself. However every other course we could find online shows you techniques but gives you no way to practice them. That’s why we put together a professional styled shoot so we can PROVIDE YOU WITH ACTUAL RAW IMAGES! These images are still under our copyright, meaning they are for tutorial purposes only but they will give you a chance to practice on real professional RAW photographs and produce the same results that you see in the tutorials.We use VSCO(Visual Supply Co.) film in this course because it allows us to translate our digital RAW data into color profiles that are then able to be edited. In short this is not a pack of “film look-a-like presets” but rather digital film stocks that translate your image data into film. This is only the very first step, in this course we take you much farther than simple presets teaching you to develop an eye for beautiful skin tones which are the very cornerstone of good portrait and wedding photographs. What cameras does this course work for?The raw images provided in this course are from Canon 5d Mark III cameras but once you have learned the methods we teach they can be easily applied to Nikon, Fuji, Leica, Olympus, or Sony images as these are all supported by Lightroom and VSCO film. What will you learn?How to install VSCO film to be used with LightroomHow to import photos into your Lightroom catalog with easeHow to rate your images which is also known as cullingHow to select a good starting preset for an imageHow to tone an image based on the subjects skinHow to make custom adjustmentsHow to retouch skin imperfections with the healing spot removal toolHow to refine an image with sharpening & grainHow to use virtual copies to develop your personal styleHow to make a personal preset for batch processingHow to fix lens warping with lens correctionsHow to remove foreground objects with the clone toolHow to crop or re-align imagesBonus: How to make a tilt-shift effect by sending an image to PhotoshopHow to export images for print or web!How will these skills help you?Everything we will be teaching you in this course is the result of many years of practicing and tweaking our process to develop compelling images. We use the very techniques in this tutorial to do all of our post processing as a profitable wedding photography business. By learning to create high quality images you are developing a product that you can sell and create a sustainable business. Even as a hobbyist these skills will help you document your own life in a way that is as timeless as film.