EDM Compression & Dynamics – The Complete Course



Learn how to use compression in your EDM productions once and for all. Compression is one of the most misunderstand and one of the most useful tools you have to make your productions sound professional and polished.The reason you have trouble with it is because of the way its taught. Confusing terminology and lack of proper explanations all contribute to compression being a confusing subject. But not anymore.In this course, youll get the clearest, most easy to understand explanations and demonstrations on how to use compression in your tracks. Learn Compression controls like threshold, attack, release, knee and output gain How to visually set all the compression settings to get the results you want How to use compression on drums, synths, vocals, mastering and more How to use advanced compression techniques like parallel compression, multiband compression, OTT and more About different types of compressors and what theyre used for Much more!Youve probably heard this before but this really is the last course on compression youll ever need. Not only do you get tons of information and examples, you can also ask questions and make suggestions if you feel like anything is not clear.Boost your confidence in your production skills and make your tracks sound amazing with compression. By the end of this course youll be able to use compression on any instrument using any plugin.The course is taught by Fuad Murad, a seasoned producer with years of experience and multiple best selling courses. Sign up and get started today.