Effective Communication: 7 Tools to Communicate Tactfully


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Learning to communicate effectively in a variety of situations does not happen by itself. Effective Communication is a skill and so is Tactful Communication. When you're under pressure, experiencing conflict or resistance, how do you communicate your thoughts and wishes without offending and alienating the other party? How can you be direct, firm, clear or persuasive while also being diplomatic and respectful of the feelings and opinions of others? In this course, I will give you 7 immediately implementable tools that you can use to have a clear and positive impact on your personal and professional relationships. What will begin to happen is… People will begin to respond differently to you. They will receive and respect your opinion more easily. They will be more willing to listen and agree with you. Why? Because you will be communicating with them more tactfully. This course will challenge you to go deep and consider why you currently communicate the way you do. It will ask you to be clear about why you want or need to be more tactful. And, finally, this course will challenge you to not just use these tools, but actually make them a part of who you are and how you naturally communicate. If you struggle with communicating diplomatically or tactfully at home or work…Take This Course! You'll Be So Glad You Did! Note: A complimentary audio version of this course will be made available within the next 30 days.