EFT Tapping 4 – Weight Loss, Improved Body Image, No Dieting



Over 500 satisfied non-dieters enrolled. Over 70 five-star reviews.************************************”This course delved into areas that I had not been aware of that can affect my weight.  I will continue to do the EFT sessions as I already feel so much better about myself.” McHalek************************************”Using Cha-zay’s tapping scripts and suggestions on what to tap on has made it a lot easier to pin-point my precise challenges. Today is the first day on the course but I have already cried a lot, yawned a lot (a sign that the energy is moving) and had many aha moments. Eternally grateful to you, Cha-zay for this well-though-out course!” Lidia Ferreira************************************Do you feel like you’re stuck in bad reality show of your own diet nightmare? Nothing you do is working and the weight is holding on for dear life?It’s time to let go of the harshness of rigorous diets and ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and turn to EFT.EFT, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, has been scientifically proven to help people lose weight without changing their diets or exercise regime.While tapping on meridian trigger points we will examine inner issues that contribute to weight gain and prevent weight loss. It takes less than 1-2 minutes per EFT tapping session and you will be given dozens of EFT sample sentences that can help break loose those pesky fat cells.We will examine some of the following issues and transmute these energies into beneficial energies that help shed your weight loss on auto-pilot:The feeling of being overweightUsing weight as a protective layerTaking back power you may have given over to othersTurning junk food cravings into more beneficial urgesConverting your dislike for exercise into a new passion for oxygenating your beautiful templeAnd much moreThere are plenty of handouts, downloads and resources to helping you out!You will also get a sign-on bonus and a completion bonus!Enroll now and I’ll see you inside.************************************”It took a while to get into the habit of tapping, especially around weight issues, but it truly helps me relax around food and I love, love, love the feeling of freedom.” Gwen Bristol************************************”Wow! I wasn’t expecting anything so powerful. Just finished lecture 3 and already feel empowered. Nicely presented easy to follow and lots to think about.” Angela************************************Keywords: #EFT, #EmotionalFreedomTechnique, #Tapping, #Weightloss, #LosingWeight, #TooFat, #ImFat, #EFT, #EmotionalFreedomTechnique, #Tapping, #EFT-Therapy, #TheTappingSolution, EFT-Tapping-Points, #GaryCraig, #EmotionallyFocusedTherapy, #Self-Help, #Personal-Development, #Self-Improvement, #EmotionalHealing, #SpiritualHealing, #TFT, #ToughtFieldTherapy