Hi there!  My name is Michael Brown and I've been teaching people how to blog and do online marketing for around 5 years now.In this course I am going to take you from a raw newbie to a email marketing vet in a very short time period.The main benefits this course will have for you are:Increasing your income through email marketing on your blogBuilding a lifelong business from you blog through email In this course I am going to teach you, as a blogger, how to do the following:Build an email list from scratchHow to create good emails that get resultsHow to properly send promotional emails to your listHow to write great subject linesHow to increase your income from your blogHow to grow a trustworthy reputation from your email listHow to save time and run a good portion of your blogging business while you are away from the computerHow to get good email open percentagesHow to get lifelong fans and sales by building your email listThe included materials in this course are:19 Lectures15 Easy-To-Watch-Videos W/Step-By-Step TrainingPDF email examplesYou should take this course if you are looking to do any of the following:Increase your income from bloggingBuild a better and honest reputationIncrease your blogs traffic and bounce ratesAutomate traffic, sales and outreachMany will find that you can go through all of this material in a few hours.  You will be able to continually come back and reference any of the lessons and videos if you need to.Plus, a big bonus is that if you need anything you may ask a question at anytime, right from the lecture!Note: While this course is specifically designed for bloggers email marketing it can also be used for small businesses and standard website owners as well.