Email is the mostlyused communication tool in our day to day life. Every day we send and receive emails for personal and business purposes.Email is not email only. It represents the company culture, brand identity and our personality. The purpose of writing great email is to take actions by the receiver. So it needs some skillsand requires professionalism for the communication to be effective and efficient.You probably focus on a lot of the aspects involved in the business world, but we reckon you probably dont spend enough time considering how important email is in the world of business. Youve got to understand how important it is to craft wonderful emailsand look at how this can change things within the business. Email is a powerful marketing tool, and its important to understand why email still plays such a big role in the business world.For one thing, you need to consider the fact that business emails are a great way of communicating with clients and potential customers all over the world. Sometimes phone calls are not a viable form of communication due to language barriers and time zones. But emails allow you to connect with people across the world in a professional and concise fashion. Of course, you need to make sure the emails youre sending are of the highest quality they can possibly be, and that might mean a bit of work and hiring people to craft emails for you.Inthis course you will learn the fundamentals of writing great email. So lets get started!