This course is for you if you experience:Social AnxietyInformation OverloadLack Of FocusPsychic OverwhelmExperiencing The Energy of OthersIf you consider yourself an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, or suspect you may be one, then this course will help youCONFIRMthat youre an Empath,EMPOWERyou with exercises that will help you to reinforce and establish your boundaries, andARMyou with the understanding of why your system acts the way that it does. In this course we will cover:What and Who the Empath isEmpath TypesThe Upbringing and Background of an EmpathThe Psychology of An EmpathStrengths and Types of EmpathsThe Physiology of the EmpathPowerful Exercises and MeditationsReinforcing your Energetic SignatureBy the end of this course you will beARMEDwith the tools necessary toESTABLISHboundaries, feelCONFIDENTin your own skin, and be ENGAGED with the world without it OVERWHELMING you.Increased energetic awarenessConfidence in your abilities to manage your energiesMore energy and zest for lifeCharisma in all areas of your life